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Get Free Backlinks to Your Social Networking Site and Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Get Free Backlinks to Your Social Networking Site and Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

One of the major challenges of doing business online is increasing your search engine ranking and at best to be on Google’s first page.  This is the case for social networking sites. As there are a number of social networking sites struggling to be on Google’s 1st page, it is worth noting a strategy that can make it possible to be top of the search engine rankings.

An important idea of SEO is building backlinks to your site. The quality of anchor texts and inbound links is a major consideration.
Prior to planning about building backlinks, you must ensure that your social networking site to be of top notch quality. (There’s no need to be alarmed about this if you are making use of our Social Networking and Dating Software. We guarantee quality website with our award-winning software.) You need to optimize your website content with relevant keywords and ensure that your site is informative. Having a good link popularity combined with highly optimized and informative website can make you dominate a Google search term.


Here are some tips on how to build and get free backlinks for your site.

Using Web 2.0

Gaining a lot of free backlinks is possible with knowing how to effectively utilize web 2.0 sites like Squido lenses and Hubpages. However, you need to ensure that keywords are incorporated in your created pages for backlinking to your social networking site. This will popularize your social networking site.

Submission to sites for Social Bookmarking

It’s not really difficult to submit your site for social bookmarking. This is a very good move because after submission of your bookmarks, you enjoy instant backlinks. There are also some bookmarking sites with very high PR thereby boosting your search engine rankings. And some sites and scripts may submit your social networking site to a number of social bookmarking sites saving you some time.

Submission of Videos

Videos submitted to YouTube and other like sites is also called video marketing. This can generate massive traffic for your site. Although you may not get direct backlinks from the videos, those who watched your videos will be interested to link back to your social networking site thus giving you loads of backlinks.

Submission of Article or Free Blog

Another way to get a large number of one-way backlinks is to write and submit articles to article directory sites. One-way backlinks are highly valued by search engines. Make sure to insert a link of your social networking site in your articles.

Following these given steps will definitely contribute to a lot of free backlinks. This will boost and improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

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