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Getting Accepted By CPA Networks

Getting Accepted By CPA Networks

You’ve heard of CPA networks by now, I am sure. CPA networks, while nothing new, have become all the rage in the internet marketing world because they offer ways to make money without having to make a sale, that is, they will pay you for every lead you generate as opposed to every sale you make. This article will explain how to get accepted as a CPA affiliate.

To get accepted by a CPA network  you need a website or at the very least a blog. It helps to have some knowledge of internet marketing and to be able to drive traffic to your site effectively. CPA networks do not simply instantly accept your application like Clickbank or Paydotcom do. You must submit your application and go through an the approval process.

The reason acceptance is not automatic with CPA networks is because in order to get advertisers to pay a premium price for the leads they generate, the CPA network has to promise a certain quality: that is leads that are very likely to turn into paying customers. This means that you need to be able to drive sufficient and targeted traffic to your website, traffic that is very likely not only to sign up for the free offer, or put in their email address, but to buy something down the line.  


Since acceptance is not guaranteed, and in fact, can be difficult, especially for people with brand new websites and little internet marketing experience, you should apply to as many CPA networks as you can. With each one, be prepared to answer questions such as how many hits your site gets per month, how long you’ve been in the business, how do you plan on marketing the offers, will you use incentives, etc.

A good pro-active step you can take and one that will increase your chances of getting accepted is to phone the network after you have applied. This will let the affiliate manager know two things: One, that you are real person, and two, that you are running a genuine business and therefore unlikely to try to game the system to make more money.

Don’t lose heart if you find that you are getting a lot of rejections. You may find that you need to develop a little more experience and build up your website a little bit more in order to be accepted into the CPA world.

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