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Goats, Boats And Heroes!

www.renatovanbloemenhuis.com First vlog video in the new weekly format going to the movie theatre twice and staying at the goatfarm Het Geertje in Zoeterwoude.Day 679 to 683 of my Youtube video diary/daily vlog! Vlogging about my life, family, friends, my online adventures and more! Please leave a comment and rate! Thanks a bundle 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!!! I’m a social media coach and expert, providing 1-on-1 training and workshops. Contact me at renatovanbloemenhuis@gmail.com for more information. New adventures of me, Pelle (5), Katja (3) and my wife Francis. Subscribe now so you won’t miss a day! I run a dutch blog stie at www.renatovanbloemenhuis.nl about movies, comics, my life, social media, content marketing and more. Check it out if you’re dutch! Don’t worry, be happy! For real-time updates, pictures and other neat stuff follow me on Twitter twitter.com Facebook facebook.com For my Dutch peeps renato71.hyves.nl social media workshops, twitter workshops, content marketing, youtube marketing, video marketing, hoe word je Youtube partner, internet ondernemer, internet entrepreneur, de social media coach, social media tv, online social media video workshops, social media voor ondernemers, youtube voor ondernemers, facebook voor ondernemers, sociale media voor ondernemers, social media voor horeca, social media voor bedrijven, sociale media, social media coach, social media outsourcing, superdad, parenting, sociale media, social media


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