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Having A Small Business Mobile Marketing System Work For You

Having A Small Business Mobile Marketing System Work For You

Why do some businesses thrive when other businesses in the same niche fail? Do you think it’s because of their many techniques or because of some “special formula” that only they know? Here’s a little secret…Many of the businesses that thrive know how to target their customer base for repeat business. They know how to promote and advertise to their customer base efficiently and productively. And they know how to do it with minimal cost to their bottom line.
One of the best strategies you can do to target your customers is to use a small business mobile marketing system. This concept has proven itself over and over again in the small business arena. Having this strategy in place, and carrying it out, will help build your business and customer base that will attract other customers as well.
The huge advantage of a small business mobile marketing system is that it exploits what is probably the most important piece of real estate people own on the planet…… that 3 – 5 square inch of screen on their cell phone. Think about that for a second and tell me if this isn’t true…every time your cell phone rings or vibrates don’t you look to see who is calling or texting you? When you implement a small business mobile marketing system APPROXIMATELY 83% OF ALL MESSAGES ARE LOOKED AT WITHIN 1 HOUR OF BEING RECEIVED. What would that do for your business if that every time you advertise a special promotion 83% of your customer base sees it within one hour?
Or you could use this strategy… go to the printer or coupon distribution company and they will put you on a list for your coupon or advertisement to be distributed at a future date and you have no idea how many people see or ignore your promotion. How many times have you received coupons in the mail or from the grocery store and they end up just adding to your trash can on their way to the local landfill? What makes you think that technique will work for your business?
You see, to be successful in business marketing, there are several critical elements that should be at work on your behalf. The benefit of a small business mobile marketing system is that you control the content, control when your customers see it and control the time they see it. You control one of the most important aspects of your company’s bottom line, marketing your promotions, to your business’ advantage.
As of the day I am writing this article, this is as easy and user-friendly structured system that you will find when it is utilized to target your customer base. Coupons, Ads, Yellow Pages and other forms of advertising have their place but for the small business owner who needs to watch their bottom line having a small business mobile marketing system in your arsenal puts you in the drivers’ seat when it comes to repeat customers.  To learn more on a small business mobile marketing system go to www.mymediapromo.com for a FREE consultation.

Carl D. Clifford has been a Marketing and Identity Theft Specialist since 2001. Specializing in Red Flag Rule compliance for companies and businesses he also assists in the protection of families and individuals. Go To www.7idtheftsecrets.com for a FREE comprehensive report on Identity Theft

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