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How About Free Viral Web Traffic From Article Marketing?

How About Free Viral Web Traffic From Article Marketing?

It is commonly known that you could get free web traffic through article marketing? But do you know that viral marketers have used this as a way to get free viral web traffic? If you use article marketing effectively, “viral effect” is what you will benefit from it.

Basically this is how article marketing works. You place your website’s link at the resource box of the article. You submit your article to numbers of article directories. If the readers find your article informative, they may click on your website’s link to find out more. As a result, you will be rewarded with free website traffic and link popularity.

The main advantage of using article marketing is its ability for an article to virally spread though out the internet and also being published by unlimited websites. This is a form of viral marketing as well and is a proven way to get web traffic.


However, whether article marketing really works for you is determined by the quality of the contents of your articles. In any event, never underestimate the power of viral marketing. Use it effectively.

Imagine this, your articles being picked-up from the article directories by hundred or even thousands of website owners who are looking for contents for their website, ezine or newsletter. This is certainly a way for you to get more traffic.

How about the fact that your article may be picked up by some highly ranked article directories, i.e. PR (Page Rank) 5, 6, 7 or maybe higher ranked. What is the possibility that you may get from this? The “viral effect”! The link back to your website from the highly ranked and popular article directories and numerous sites publishing your articles and as a result an increase web traffic to your website, for free!

Furthermore, your article will be archived in the article directories, you will certainly benefit from this for years. A continuous source of free web traffic.  The power of article marketing is undisputable, if you want to drive free targeted traffic to your website use this method effectively. You could even get free viral web traffic from article marketing.


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