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How Social Bookmarking Can Increase Your Backlinks

How Social Bookmarking Can Increase Your Backlinks

Social bookmarking allows you to save a webpage and share it with other people on the internet. Social bookmarking allows you to add links to the internal pages of your website. If you launched a new product, you can social bookmark it so that everyone will know about it. Once the product page get indexed, it will rank on the search engine so that it get a larger exposure on the internet. People will get to know about your new product.


If you want to use social bookmarking to increase your backlinks, you must get your post rank on the front page. When your post reach the front page, it will receive a lot of attention from the visitors. When people like your post, they will write about it and link to it on their site. They may also tell their visitors that your posts is receiving a high number of votes in that particular social bookmarking sites. The most popular social bookmarking site is Digg. Digg receives hundreds and millions of visitors per year. If your post is ranked on the front page, it will be seen by millions of visitors. You will get a lot of referral traffic to your site. You can build a large network of friends on Digg. After you have built a large network of friends, you all can bookmark each other posts. To get to the front page, you must write catchy title. The title should include the main keyword. The descriptions should briefly describe the article in an interesting way so that people will visit your website.



Digg is an authoritative social bookmarking site. You should frequently post to Digg to take advantage of the quality links. You should not post the same number of posts per day. If you add a new content to your blog, you can social bookmark it. You can also social bookmark other interesting articles so that people won’t accuse you as a spammer. The articles should be from a different URL and in the same niche as the website which you are promoting.


When submitting to social bookmarking site, make sure you check the link to ensure that it is working properly. If it is not working properly, people will not be able to visit the webpage. If the URL is invalid, people will have an impression that your company is unprofessional. Some social bookmarking sites such as Digg will attempt to detect the validity of the link before it allow you to continue the submission process. If the link is broken, Digg will inform you that the link is invalid. Broken link can happen if you did not upload the page properly. Sometimes, you enter the wrong URL into the field so the page cannot be accessed. Therefore, you must always check the URL to make sure you have entered the correct URL.


Social bookmarking sites such as Facebook allow you to create a fan page. You can use the fan page to promote your product. In the fan page, you can include links to the landing page of the product.

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