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If you’re willing to generate prime traffic to your website without having to spend a lot of time and money in the process, and best of all, many of these techniques will automatically ‘re-populate’ the traffic to your website, even when you’ve moved onto other things.

I want to reveal in this article one of the free strategy to generate massive traffic (visitors) to your website.

When it comes to the issue of traffic generation, you can either choose to focus on a single campaign, or implement a variety of techniques for maximum exposure. The choice is yours.

Linkwheels are one of the easiest techniques used to create massive amount of backlinks, as well as solidify a higher ranking based on your keyword in the search engine rankings.

This method requires little time, effort, and knowledge in marketing to succeed with a linkwheel, but just by following a step by step action plan, you can have one set up in less than a couple of hours.

Linkwheels can be extremely complex but in truth, you only need a few feeder sites set up an optimized in order to begin generated targeted free traffic through your affiliate links.

The linkwheels consist of multiple “feeder sites” which are websites and webpages hosted on remote servers.

These websites are considered authority sites and by developing a website on these services, you are able to pass on some value link juice to your main website.

When developing your linkwheel you are going to focus on a combination of free feeder sites.

The most popular and easiest linkwheel strategy is to create a page that includes your article content and your affiliate link on each of the following sites: squidoo.com, blogger.com, wordpress.org, vox.com, weebly.com, quizilla.com, wetpaint.com, hubpages.com, zimbio.com.

When creating your linkwheel, all you need to do is construct single page sites on the above service networkers and then integrate your affiliate link within the content as well as within any resource section on the site.

There are two types of linkwheels, in general, open linkwheels and closed linkwheels. While this may seem complicated as it really means that with open linkwheels you create sites that all link to each other.

For example, in a closed linkwheel, site A links to site B, site B link to Site C and site C link back to Site A.

With open linkwheels there is no closing, so your wheel might go something link this, Site A link to site B, site B links to site C, site C links nowhere.

When creating your feeder sites, always add keywords to the page. Squidoo will allow you to add tags to each lens you create. Make sure your keywords are relevant and use different keywords with each of your feeder sites.

Once your linkwheel is set up, make sure that you ping each individual website URL at pingier.com.

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