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How to Make a good Linkwheel and It’s Importance in Google Rankings

How to Make a good Linkwheel and It’s Importance in Google Rankings

Article by Andrew Wheeler

Any individual or company wanting to be successful in today’s competitive world of cyberspace and online business need to adopt a certain vision and devise strategies to achieve the targets. The right approach, flawless planning and implementation are definitely required along with uniqueness in the ideas, techniques and pattern of thinking. Linkwheel is one such strategy guaranteed to get your website top spot on google search engine and others as well.

Many website owners may feel embarrassed of their search engine rankings and frantically look for links relevant to their niche. With the powerful and dynamic link-building modus operandi, it is very easy to get backlinks pertinent to that of your niche at your website. Link wheel is actually the method used for increasing the return on investment or ROI by improving the rankings at google, Bing, Yahoo and other well-liked search engines.

Web 2.0 Property: Plenty of websites are using Web 2.0 platform that includes Facebook, Myspace, and blogger, whereas websites like squidoo allow their users to create a website with web 2.0 properties for indexing mainly by google search engine. These web 2.0 properties most visited and crawled by spiders have greater possibilities of indexing by google more sooner than expected.

Most of the business owners choose such SEO companies for not many but just one reason that they want their websites among top ranking websites at google. Therefore, they should look for company that has a large database of web 2.0 websites and post only the unique content at everyone one of them including dofollow blogs and web 2.0 properties, bookmarking sites, etc. Another issue that an SEO expert must take care of is to add relevant keyword in the URL of the owner’s website as well. This strategy is responsible for directing immense traffic towards your website and rank building at google.

Benefits of Link Building/Backlinks: By enrolling with various link-building packages, strategies and techniques website visibility improves along with massive organic traffic building, which ultimately results in higher revenues generated by your website. Web masters use numerous white hat techniques such as one-way text links and one-way links from blogging websites, contextual links and manual submission to social bookmarking, article directories and forums. Some of the other advantages of well-distributed links are natural backlinks and a network of links for long-term basis.

How to Make a Linkwheel:There are various link-building strategies. However, one of these discussed next guarantees excellent results. Select only from the list of best or exalted PR article submission directories, blogs, and social bookmarking web 2.0 properties. Create high quality articles and choose 4-5 ranks keyword up to three. Choose any good web 2.0 properties for creating a WordPress blog website free and based upon your selected/relevant keywords. Submit your unique high quality article to these web 2.0 properties. Make a linkwheel chart and link selected keywords appropriately. Afterwards do some social bookmarking and get the desirable guaranteed results within a few days.

Unlike traditional link building method, link building with link wheeling option helps you generate results that are more terrific because your links on these websites are pointing towards other websites where your website link is present. Link wheel works like an interrelated web where every link is pointing towards other website links. Therefore, complete task of building links and backlinks that flows in a circular movement named link wheel is the most efficient and popular strategy nowadays. They are effective because all your backlinks and links are present at established web 2.0 properties counted as authority by google search engine. By using or taking advantage of their authority at google, you provide support and devise to increase your rankings at google. The entire process of link wheeling from one website to another site is linking/interrelating your main website to them.

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The old technique of linkwheel still works if you really now how to implement it. Come here and make a linkwheel and see the effect.

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