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How To Promote Your Business Through Mobile Marketing Strategies

How To Promote Your Business Through Mobile Marketing Strategies

Through the years, business promotions have taken a huge leap into becoming more reachable towards the consumers. What started out from print ads, to television ads, to online ads, have now gone mobile. This is in effect to the contribution that mobile phones give, considering that you can take it with you anywhere you go. Plus it’s really handy! Check out several of these mobile marketing strategies you can utilize in promoting your business.

1. SMS marketing. You can make use of text messages to send out direct advertisement towards your clients. For example, you can send out communications to your avid customers regarding discounts and sales on certain products in your company. This may require an updated database of consumers, because clearly you can’t just send your ads to everybody. Imagine sending out product information about dresses and women accessories to male clients? That would be especially careless and irresponsible and it can produce negative feedbacks when unresolved over a period of time. This tactic is also beneficial in that it can give direct advertisement, plus it costs a small sum of money.


2. Via MMS. This is one of the most approved mobile marketing strategies in that you can send out actual pictures and videos of your goods. Nearly all phones manufactured with a color screen can send and obtain MMS. As in SMS marketing, this means allows you to advertise directly to your client, though it may cost a little more than SMS, but still very negligible compared to industrial advertising with all the investment in billboards, flyers, and all that.

3. In-game mobile marketing. Brands are now delivering promotional messages in mobile games or they sponsor the whole game to attract a consumer’s attention. This is commonly known as advergaming. Thriving on the fact that several games are available on mobile right now, like 3D gaming, multi-player combat, and social networking games, advertisers invest on this marketing strategy, which can absolutely yield a lot of revenue, chiefly out of avid gamers who will do anything just to level-up and win.

4. Through Proximity systems. This lets text messages to be aired over a precise geographical spot. For example, a government department may use this system to update the public of an upcoming modification in policies and guidelines. Business owners, likewise, can make use of this system to send out information to people who live in a distinct locale, where the business is booming and where it can most likely be productive. Take fertilizers, for one. An agricultural company will most likely seek out farmers and land owners in a rural area as opposed to corporate tycoons in the city.

5. Location-based services. This method allows mobile users of a particular area to ask for services that are offered to them only. It means that, the services are not offered for everybody, only to a certain region. And a company will know your site by making use of a GPS chip built in the consumers’ phones.

These are only some of the mobile marketing strategies you can manipulate to promote your business at a larger scope than you conventionally would have been able to.

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