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Incorporating A Social Bookmarking Button To Your Blog In Order To Boost Traffic

Incorporating A Social Bookmarking Button To Your Blog In Order To Boost Traffic

Article by Milton Ramos

Making money with weblogs is not that hard when you have got traffic, but if you don’t have any traffic coming to your blog it might be near impossible. Most people keep trying every new system or program that comes out as a way to boost their blog traffic, but they never work. The biggest problem with this type of trial and error is that they hardly work and people never consider what has been proven to work. This is the reason why I decided to go over how crucial it is to just add a “share this” button on each one of your blog posts. I will also explain to you how this button may end up taking your blog from absolutely nothing to getting steady targeted visitors daily.

For people who are not aware a “share this” button is a method for your visitors to share a message you created with other people. I am certain somewhere along the line you have been on a blog and you noticed a bookmarking button. You can come across these on so many blogs because it is often used to create a tidal wave of traffic.

It isn’t going to stop with just one kind of site though, as there are buttons that will enable you to share posts on facebook, myspace, digg and many other social networking web sites. You really don’t want to limit the quantity of ways that individuals can get the word out regarding your blog. For this particular reason you want to get a “share this” button which will enable your visitors to share this post on a variety of social networking sites at once. Or a minimum of give them the option to choose between sites. You have to remember that not everyone will have a twitter account, so if you just add a twitter button you are limiting the possibilities for people to tell other people about the page.

For those of you using a wordpress theme for your blog, you’ll be able to find loads of different types of buttons that you can use. You can just do a search for “share this” on the add plugin screen. Some of the plugins will only include a handful of social networking sites, while others may have the option to include 30 or more sites. Ultimately you want a plugin that includes most social networking sites.

At this time I want to explain how robust this button can be when it comes to delivering more traffic to your own blog. In this example we are going to say that one visitor shared your post with their good friends on one of the social networking web sites. This person liked your article or post and they start using the “share this” button and promote your blog post to about 50 of their friends on what ever social site they are on. If only 8 of those people went to your blog and enjoyed your post you just received 8 more visitors. Not to mention if just 3 of them share your post on various other social sites by using a “share this” button, you now have other people endorsing your post. At this time with the new shares, you post might be promoted to another 150 people that may be interested. And out of the 150 people, lets say that 20 of these people visit your blog and 8 of them write about the post with their good friends on their social networking sites. Keep doing the math if you want, but one good post along with a “share this” button can really turn in to a load of traffic.

By simply adding a small little plugin like this you can start getting a lot more traffic. And you may already know, the more traffic you end up getting the more money you will produce.

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