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Incorporating A Social Bookmarking Button To Your Blog In Order To Increase Traffic

Incorporating A Social Bookmarking Button To Your Blog In Order To Increase Traffic

Article by Jaime Petersan

If you launched a blog in order to make a little money from it, you already know that without people coming to your blog, you won’t make any money. Most men and women keep trying every new software or program that comes out as a way to increase their blog traffic, but they hardly ever work. The trouble is people are always searching for the new tricks and techniques and forget about what has been functioning for years. The convenience of a “share this” button on your blog posts can easily make a great difference. And exactly how this little addition can end up driving large amounts of traffic.

The basic principles of this type of button are very straightforward, if someone likes what you wrote they can share it with other people. I am certain somewhere along the line you have been on a blog and you observed a bookmarking button. This is a way for the visitors of that blog to inform their friends about a post that might interest them.

Many of these buttons which are available are not limited to just one social bookmarking site, but have the capability to allow people to share this on numerous social networks at once. By just having one button that simply allows your visitors to post to one particular social networking site can give you a tiny boost but you will want more. Ideally you will want a multi-site “share this” button that won’t limit the sites that your page can be posted to. Or you could just add a different button for all the distinct sites that you want visitors to be able to post to. While a few people may be on facebook, other may just be on twitter and still others may only have a my_space account, in short don’t skimp on posting options.

If your blog is on a word press platform, you have multiple choices of plugins that you can use. Once more when looking for these plugins and “share this” buttons, choose the ones that allow multiple social site submissions. What you are really looking for is a “share this” button that may include every single social networking site you can come up with.

Here I am going to illustrate an example of exactly what could happen when you have this button set up. In this situation we are going to say that one visitor shared your post with their colleagues on one of the social networking sites. This person liked your article or post and they start using the “share this” button and promote your blog post to about 50 of their friends on what ever social site they are on. Out of those 50 people shall we say just 5 go to your blog and really enjoyed your article. And if just 3 of them share your post on numerous other social sites by using a “share this” button, you now have other people endorsing your post. And by those 3 people sharing, this post could possibly now be suggested to an additional 150 people. And then 20 of those people who just received the message decided to stop by and read what you had to say and then fifty percent of them decided to share with different friends and family members that they believe will enjoy the article. And this can in fact keep going on for a very long time, so one person showing your post can turn into hundreds or even thousands of prospects.

The little things you accomplish can get you more traffic than all those “traffic driving” softwares that become available each and every week or so. And as you know, the more traffic you end up with the more money you will produce.

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