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Increasing Search Engine traffic with Bookmarking Demon Social Bookmarking Software

Increasing Search Engine traffic with Bookmarking Demon Social Bookmarking Software

Article by Z Fazal

The key to any successful website is the quality traffic that it drives. Generally, approximately 75% – 85% of website traffic comes organically via the search engines.

It is therefore imperative that to be successful online that you know how to generate traffic efficiently. There is only one search engine everyone wants to rank high in, Google.

Increasing search engine traffic is a lot easier said than done but there are certain methods that can be adopted which will certainly help. One of the many search engine optimisation techniques which is on the list of most internet marketers is the use of Social bookmarking. This involves submitting your website to very high authority PageRank sites. The benefits of this method can work wonders. This can be quite time consuming since you have to physically create different accounts, log in and submit.

What is the purpose of social bookmarking? One of the major contributing factors of high rankings are the number of ‘quality’ links that you have pointing into your site. This shows a certain level of credibility.

There is a tool which helps to allow you to submit to these sites very quickly and effectively. Bookmarking Demon is a software tool that allows you to build high quality laser targeted backlinks to your sites thus increasing your rankings.

It allows you to build backlinks by ‘staying under the radar’ which in effect means not doing anything spammy that could harm your site.

So in a nutshell, what Bookmarking Demon allows you to do is the following;

* create multiple accounts for all these bookmarking sites

* create ‘tags’ – this means that each tag equates to a new page thus increasing your backlinks.

* Allows you to randomise page titles and descriptions to avoid duplication and increase variety

* Add your own social bookmakring sites that run Scuttle, Sculttle Plus or a Pligg CMS

* Add in your own list of proxies and checks to see if these are alive or dead.

* Crawl you entire site depending on how many levels deep you want to go.

Overall it is a fantastic tool to use to rank high for long-tail keywords. It does not promise you instant overnight success but by using Bookmarking Demon effectively and regularly you can be sure that you will see an increase in AdSense and affiliate revenues to build your long-term sustainable online business.

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Z Fazal has been writing articles for many years. His website Cheap Hotels Benidorm can be found at cheaphotelsbenidorm.com/ which helps people looking for accommodation in this popular Spanish town.

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