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New Harlem, Inc. is looking for individuals who can assist with administrative work such as: Answering Email inquiries Prioritizing Schedule Dates and Shows Outbound Call or Communication to Clients and/or Venues Website Administration Banner Making Marketing Blog Administration You will be required to interview (telephone or in person) please send resume to: newharleminc@jampoet.com You will have some onsite reporting, but also will have the ability to TELECOMMUTE as most projects can be done from home or remotely. Benefits: While this is not paid: You will get perks (experience with production, songwriting) You may be privvy to assisting in a song writing process or get an intro/theme of your very own concerts or event tickets that I receive and cannot attend will go to you Networking event invites Letters of Recommendation Business Portfolio Interview Success Tutorial, Tips, and One on One A chance to springboard your own marketing relationships, partnerships, etc.


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