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Is Article Marketing Right For You?

Is Article Marketing Right For You?

Article marketing is used by a huge number of internet marketers on the web today, however, it isn’t used by everyone. This clearly shows that article marketing isn’t the best option for everyone who wishes to promote products this way and drive traffic to their website or blog. This leaves the newer marketers out there with a dilemma. Many marketers swear by article marketing as a traffic source for newer marketers, whereas, other marketers say that there are other ways. How are these newer marketers, and even some of the more experienced marketers who haven’t ventured into this area yet, meant to decide if it is something they should do? Hopefully, this article should help everyone out there who isn’t yet using articles as a traffic source decide if it something worth their investment.

First of all, article marketing can be used as a FREE, highly targeted traffic generation system. This reason is that it only costs your time to get an article written and uploaded to an article directory. Also the traffic is highly targeted as, for example, someone who owns a cat isn’t going to read an article on dog grooming are they? This also holds true to any niche out there you decide to write about.

The only problem you may have when it comes to writing your first few articles is time, the first time you write an article it seems to take hours, thinking of a topic, a good title, then finally writing the article. If this is something which you simply haven’t got time to do, well, then it can’t be done. On the other hand, after you have wrote 10-20 articles you will find that articles can be wrote in as little as 30 mins, you develop your own writing style and find that most articles are written following this style.

Furthermore, if you believe that article marketing can benefit you greatly but really have not got the time to write a single article then another benefit of this traffic generation system is that it can be fully automated. Of course, this will need a small cash investment, but there are a number of freelance writers out there who are willing to write articles for only a few dollars each, this leaves you free to spend your time developing the websites which the traffic is going to. In addition to this there is also software available which will allow you to automate the submission process. This software comes in the form of a monthly subscription website or in the form of a larger on off payment for the software which you use yourself. The only decision you have to make here is about how much you are willing to spend to automate the process.

Article marketing can be highly beneficial to newer marketers and also the more experienced marketers out there whose websites just don’t seem to get the traffic they deserve. However it is not something which works for every website and for every person. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

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