Just what is Google AdSense

Just what is Google AdSense

Article by Esac Kim

<h1>What is Google AdSense?</h1>What Is Google? What Is Google AdSense? Ha if you don’t know Google you should not be on internet, but having to not know Google AdSense is a complete different Story. No kidding, everyone should already realise and know that Google is the one of the largest leading companies out there in the modern society and the biggest search engine provider on the net. Google is so immense that IMers call it the “Big G” which is quite reasonable. Despite this do you know how Google makes their revenue? Shockingly WE internet marketers are the one’s bringing half of Google’s income.

<h2>What is Google AdSense | Is Google AdSense Ok To Trust?</h2>

AdSense is a program which proudly owned by Google since 2000. Google AdSense allows internet marketers to publish AdSense Ads on their website,and by doing so we get payment for clicks we bring Google. And even though all this seems hard, it is simply managed by a program call AdWords.

A research shows that more than 80 per cent of internet marketers are currently using AdSense as their main income. And now you have the opportunity to receive a part of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by displaying these same text ads on your site. In other words, you’re getting clicks on Google advertisements and Google will grant you with a percentage of what they earn.

So let me state the obvious. Google AdSense is definietly trustworthy.

<h3>What Is Google AdSense | How much can you earn with AdSense?</h3>Google does not show or tell you how much you can earn per click, however they do tell you the Average Cost Per Click (CPC) beforehand. All Average Cost Per Click differ on every niche because the CPC is determined by the price advertisers pay for their ads.

Therefore it is right to believe that high-search volume, buyer term keyword phrases such as LCD screen, online dating, make money, travel, sex etc. will be more competitive in AdWords which means the Average CPC will rise due to the competitions.

It is not always that Advertisers pay more for popular terms because they have higher search volume, however it is often the case that advertisers advertise on buyer terms. For example if you are searching for “learn how to play guitar” which has high-search volume, you may or may not get high CPC because it’s not a search term for someone trying to buy a product but to learn for free. But for a term “buy TV screen” it will be a completely different story, many companies such as Samsung, Sony, ASUS, Viewsonic and other immense companies will start competing which leads to bigger and higher CPC.

Google doesn’t show the exact CPC but you can log into AdSense account to check how much you get for each ad that is clicked. You can see how much you have made that day, etc.

For example, if you’ve made 2.84 today from 297 clicks after calculation you can see that the average CPC was .22. This is the most detailed data you will be able to gather. Additionally it is good to remember, that the average CPC is only average. It is impossible what ad brought you how much CPC.

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