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Justin Teoh meets Baz Smith Getting started

www.whoisbazsmith.com Baz Smith and Justin Teoh both from The Six Figure Mentors share their thoughts about getting started in internet marketing and video marketing. Internet Marketing Mentoring Is Much More Than Following Like A Sheep Mentor comes from the Greek character in the Odyssey. Mentor was a friend of Odysseus and the adviser of Telemachus. The word can be derived from further meaning in the English language by the noun mentos which is not the candy. It becomes interesting because mentos separates in meaning between “one who thinks” from Sanskrit and in Latin “one who admonishes” is a Latin word … to guide, assist, advise and troubleshoot. So There You Have It, Not A sheep In Sight When We Talk About Internet Marketing Mentoring The concept of internet marketing mentoring is far more complex that just holding someone’s hand. The mentor is there to guide, and well as to yell and scream when your planned mutual program is not being followed. If you are thinking about starting out a career in Internet Marketing, read this carefully. Internet Marketing Mentoring Choices Choosing the right person to mentor you takes time. Accepting that somebody takes this role means that you have taken a step in the right direction. You have admitted to yourself that you need and want help in setting up a strong, concrete system which works. When you are looking for that person, make sure to ask yourself if that person will be there during those difficult moments. Remember why

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