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Synopsis: The movie starts with Din Dayal (Ajit) who is supposedly an honest rich man and a clean-hearted guy. However all this is a facade as he is a terror called LION in the world of crime. He is the man under whom black-marketing, smuggling and robberies flourish. No-one has an idea about his evil deeds. Not even his close friend IG PN Khanna (Prem Nath).Khanna is very worried at the sorry state of affairs in the city and state. He requests the government to bring back Inspector Prabhakar (Shatrughan Sinha) to the city as he is an honest and fearless cop. Prabhakar comes to town and starts cracking on the criminals with an iron hand. Prabhakar is a widower who has 2 small children. Besides them IG Khanna loves him like his own son and treats the children as his grandchildren. After making substantial raids Prabhakar comes to know that Din Dayal is a corrupt man and a demon for the society. He plans to spill the beans in front of everyone but is killed by Din dayal’s men.


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