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KIA Optima AR | an Augmented Reality first on iPhone and Android

Explore Engage has created an all new experience with KIA Optima Car in 3D Augmented Reality (AR). Appstore: bit.ly Android: bit.ly Using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, 3D animation of the all new KIA Optima is triggered from a KIA logo. Experience its key features as you’re able to view it in 3D triggered by the KIA logo on screen using your camera from any angle. Interactively select and compare from all its available colours, see its specifications, and turn on and off its lights. You’ve probably never interacted with a vehicle like this before! Once you’ve triggered the animation from the logo it will continue to play even if you move away from the logo so you have time to experience the features. The same animation works from print in particularly the New Idea Womens magazine. Launched in conjunction for KIA who sponsor the Australian Open Tennis, this application is a major milestone in bridging the growing multi-tasking population who browse mobile and watch TV at the same time. The application works on iPhone (iOS) and Android v2.1 and higher. Go to the appstore or the Andriod market to download your free KIA Optima Augmented Reality experience today!

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