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Know The Magic of Social Bookmarking In SEO

Know The Magic of Social Bookmarking In SEO

Article by sunita biddu

With the many available methods nowadays for Internet search engine optimization or SEO, the use of bookmarking sites has quickly become a popular way of increasing hits to one’s site. And it’s quite ingenious, too.

But first of all, here’s a primer. What is social bookmarking and what are these sites all about? Basically, with bookmarking sites like digg and del.icio.us, someone could create a list of the addresses of the web sites that they like. It’s similar to saving bookmarks for Internet Explorer and Firefox, but you could access your bookmarks from any computer connected to the Internet. Other people could also see your bookmarks, visit them, and also bookmark them. Sites like digg have a ranking system wherein the most frequently ‘dugg’ sites get placed in their front page. If your site gets to their front pages, you could consider it a success in your Internet marketing strategies as a lot of traffic is definitely coming your way.

Link Building Ideas in Bookmarking

Even if your site doesn’t get to the front pages, it still pays to have other people bookmarking your bookmarks. Think of each of these bookmarks as a portal to expose other people to your web pages. With the greater the number of these links, the greater the chances of more and more people visiting your pages. In fact, you could consider this as a kind of link farming strategy already. The search engines would give you higher rankings if you manage to improve your link popularity through such methods.

Through social bookmarking, you could personally create an online persona as someone who recommends relevant and truly interesting web pages. If people trust your recommendations, then they’d visit the pages you recommend more often. They’d bookmark your pages more often, too.

Use Powerful Keywords

A lot of the usual SEO strategies work well with these bookmarking sites. When entering a web page into your list of bookmarks, you would be prompted to give a description of that site. These descriptions can often be as long as three or four hundred words. Here, a good knowledge of useful, powerful and frequently searched-for keywords would help you greatly.

Like most pages in the Internet, search engine spiders crawl through these bookmarks. Having yourself and many others bookmarking your pages leads to higher page rankings from search engines such as Google. By bookmarking relevant sites along with your own, you’d also further improve your chances of success in search engine marketing as some of these engines’ algorithms put a very high weight on relevance.

Have you also signed up for other link building services such as link farming? Then you might also try checking out some of the sites that link to your own. If you find any note-worthy or very popular sites, why not bookmark them as well? Improving their rankings could only improve your own since they link to you as well, right? This works especially well if these sites have good relevant to your site and your sites’ own products.

And as an added tip to improving your rankings, why don’t you browse around the web for more bookmarking tips? Using bookmarking in search optimization is relatively new, and many techniques are just now being developed. To get your sites ahead, it pays to keep up!

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