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Leveraging The Social Media Networks

Leveraging The Social Media Networks

So What is Social Media Platform?

So what is the Social Media Platform, well for us this describes a group of device applications, social media management applications and of course the actual networks.

During our courses one of the main things we look to address is the explanation around how the important components of the Social Media platform plug in together and exactly what functionality each component delivers to the overall online management strategy.

Once these areas are covered we then go on and start to discuss/evaluate how the Social Media platform can be integrated into the overall online marketing strategy that the company uses.

Integrating the Social Media Platform into the Website and Blog

The main reason we see the importance of getting this across is that if a company has already acquired some of these technologies then using them all together can give a the organisation a great thrust in terms of online marketing.

Using the Website, the blog and the Social Media Platform creates a very powerful and cohesive online strategy that often addresses key issues about ensuring the website is updated regularly and obviously broadcasting key marketing messages out to the Social Media Networks.


How to use the Social Media Platform to Leverage publicity

Once the framework is in place the organisation can easily use existing marketing or PR event to create fantastic and very valuable content to push out through the blog and the Social Media Networks.

This obviously ensures the organisation is leveraging every bit if publicity and using it intelligently to broadcast to the market place the key company messages.  It is also obviously very useful in creating and pushing out content that may allow you to climb the rankings in search engines die to the viral nature of using the blog and the Social Media platform.

There is no doubt with conventional advertising mediums starting to show declines in popularity, the internet is being given a new lease of life in terms of advertising and PR, so it is vital for companies to embrace the Web and start to make their websites, blogs and potential Social Media presence pay off.

So is Social Media Just about selling hard?

Many people think that being active in Social Media is about direct engagement and only selling directly, this is not the best way to look at Social Media interaction. A better way to look at is to see Social Media as a way of building up key relationships and proliferating brand and marketing messages in an attempt to build and grow new business relationships, its having the business relationships in place that then allows you to directly engage in sales etc.

Varying your engagement

Another important point is that when you are engaging in Social Media it is always a good idea to spread your activity as much as possible, so that means break your activity down into disseminating company information, personnel information and then sales engagement.

This sort of engagement allows your company to be seen as a ‘Good Citizen’ in terms of the Social Media arena and it to some extent makes sure that your engagement is varied and interesting and that you are contributing to the social element of the network.

There are also many other areas to discuss in terms of the specifics of defining how to a) create the framework b) ensure you have access to the correct management applications c) ensure you have the required mobile applications and strategy in place for your organisation.

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Leveradging The Social Media Network

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