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Magnetic Sponsoring – How to get MLM Leads for Free

www.mlmleadstoyou.com “Learn how to attract endless new leads and customers to you using the powerful marketing psychology of “Magnetic Sponsoring”, whichever network marketing company you are in” THE most important thing you must do when learning and the Network Marketing business IS THAT YOU MUST follow the advice FROM A MENTOR (this doesn’t have to be someone in the same company as you, in fact I am not in the same MLM business that Mike Dillard is in). Mentors have SEEN IT, DONE IT (MADE THE SAME MISTAKES ALONG THE WAY) but now have LEARNED HOW TO DO IT SUCCESFULLY… LET them TEACH YOU! I came into this industry without a clue around 3 years ago … I did not know how to go about working my business online and after plenty of failures. I STUMBLED UPON this FREE Boot Camp (it is called!) written by Mike Dillard and it was called Magnetic Sponsoring. When I subscribed to Mike’s 10 day boot camp (around 1 year ago) that came in the form of 10 emails, each one of which OPENED MY EYES to the business. I STARTED WORKING THE WAY MIKE WAS TELLING ME TO!! DOES IT WORK ? Well, it has for me and therefore IT CAN FOR YOU … here is a screen shot just to show I am not MAKING THIS UP … Results are what matters after all … this is a screenprint which shows the Builders Circle of my company for Europe in December 2007. As you can see my MUG is in 2nd place for the whole of Europe in that month,….. so YES IT CAN BE DONE. You have to work at it, but FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF A
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