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Making Money Online: Using Article Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Making Money Online: Using Article Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Article marketing is used by online and offline business owners as a specific advertising technique to help them gain exposure for their products and services.

Article marketing can also project these entrepreneurs to brand themselves as experts in their niche industry.

Offline article marketing is much more difficult to break in to, because each magazine has an editor who has to approve your article’s submission and publication is often months of waiting time.

However, it can deliver some great results if your articles get published in this publication that has a huge volume of readers and followers.

You can check out at your local bookstore to find out what publications are seeking articles from freelancers like you.

As an internet marketer, article marketing is very attractive because it is fast, free and very effective. You can publish as many articles as you can write and submit them to multiple directories.

Your efforts are well rewarded and most of the time you can see results in minutes, depending on the directory. Making money online is easier by using article marketing to drive traffic to your website.


It is very important to know that your goal is to write good content that your reader feels you have provided value, but not so much that they feel there is no reason to continue their search for information.

You have to leave them hungry for more and start looking up for you.

Your resource box should be professional written and attractive enough to lead to click through on the hyper-link and ultimately bought the product or service that you are offering or opt-in to subscribe to your mailing list.

An article marketer knows that quantity and quality count in their articles.

They write as many good and valuable articles as they can and submit them to various top article directories.

While this method itself is a form of self-advertising, the best article marketing efforts are never accused of being overly promotional in nature.

The top articles directories enjoy a high volume of visitors to their sites and often have many categories for their visitors to choose from.

So it is to your advantage to place your articles on a directory and take advantage of their Page Rank and standing in the major search engine.

In return you will drive massive portion of their traffic funnelled to your website through your article submissions.
When you begin your article marketing, you will want to focus your content around a specific keyword or phrase so that your prospects could search and find you through your article.

Make sure that keyword phrase is used in the title, in the first sentence, and a couple more times throughout the article.
The keywords and phrase they used are in fact the topics they are looking for.

But do not engage in keyword stuffing, which is using the same keyword over and over again in your article as it would be spamming.

That makes your article sounds artificial and unreadable and it could get rejected from the directory.


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