Making The Most Of Mobile Marketing

Making The Most Of Mobile Marketing

Proximity marketing makes the use of wireless technologies to distribute messages to people chosen by their closeness to a definite location at the time the communication is sent. Proximity marketing is also often called location marketing or location-based marketing. The technique can be used with blue tooth enabled devices, cell phones and Internet connections.

Proximity advertising or Bluetooth mobile marketing is one of the most practical means to advertise the product straight through the phones. It is usually done by uploading remarkable advertisements which might consist of texts, videos and animates matter. Mobile marketing is extremely eco friendly with no involvement of paper work. It communicates and transfers the rich content and multimedia flyers directly to Bluetooth allowing cell phones and some other kinds of equipment to receive. The moment you begin allowing for Mobile marketing then you will experience the difference. This is the most cost-effective and potent method to encourage your goods.


Information and offers can be delivered in a large assortment of formats: text, still pictures, video, animations, audio, VCard (business cards) VCal (calendar events). The sorts of things frequently delivered using proximity marketing include: photos, video clips, interviews, product or service brochures, wallpapers, splash pages, discount coupons, special offers, company information, contact information, event announcements and much more.

SMS has in fact become an indisputable advertising path in numerous parts of the world. The reason behind this is that contrasting email over Internet, carriers who merely police out their networks set the best practices and procedures to mobile communication industry.

Mobile marketing has become increasingly fruitful in such countries as Western Europe and North America. SPAM messages were and have always remained an issue in different parts of world due to the fact that carriers market their member databases to third parties.

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