Market Samurai Overview Market Samurai is the number one keyword research tool in internet marketing. Find out how to get the free trial for The Challenge.
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Hi, I'm a Dutch online marketer and the owner of several websites about Internet Marketing and Social Media. Just take a look around to improve your marketing traffic skills quickly as any product or website without traffic is non-existing. My aim is to provide affordable quality products of the pro's and to connect with likeminded people to exchange tips and tactics and to build my online network. Please join my VIP mailinglist (stands for Valuable Information Products) to stay updated about the latest traffic news and discount deals. Explore the webshop to get started.

15 thoughts on “Market Samurai Overview”

  1. Hey Doc,
    On the challenge you have a fantastic couple of videos explaining how and what to do. The thing is that when I try to bring this up; Get Your Extended Trial of Market Samurai! Do you think you can put a link so that the videos can come up.

  2. hello.can you help me on how to find related forum? example is “home decoration” is the keyword . or do you have any video training?

  3. Question …. I have started the current challenge but have not downloaded MS trial yet … reason being is that I am going on a three week canoe trip in the middle of the challenge and will be unable to participate (no internet in a canoe) … so if I download the trial now .. I will have 10 days or so of use then away for 3 weeks which will thus use my trial up without really using it …. make sense?
    Sooo .. it almost looks like the trial can be extended .. is that true?

  4. I still have it installed from last year, and now it won’t install with the modules open, they’re all locked, is that how it’s supposed to be this year?

  5. As usual Anthony’s presentation is spot on. To all new challengers, Anthony makes even complex tasks so simple with his calm and patient delivery. He will definately help you through Market Samurai and how to get the best use of it.

  6. It surprises me, no comments for such a useful video for those not aware of market samurai – I already own a copy of market samurai and its a great tool for marketing online, and believe me i’ve tried many different softwares and this is the best.

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