Marketing Tips: Raising prices by 55X while Increasing Sales

Get More Video at In this video, Aziz shows how you can increase your prices exponentially while increasing the amount of customers purchasing your products
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24 thoughts on “Marketing Tips: Raising prices by 55X while Increasing Sales”

  1. i will wait to know if you have given this ipad to some 1 …:) or was a marketing stunt…:P… . but seriously ..liked the video .. worth watching..:)

  2. i really enjoyed this video. i just joined this company called Dynamaxx. i joined it knowing this could be a great opportunity to earn extra money to pay for school. you have motivated me to join this special cause, and i now have in mind to donate money out of my pocket to children like these for every product i sell. keep up the good work!

  3. Anyway i dont need the iPad myself, i was thinking using the same technique for my marketing campaign. i guess i thought you would have had more views with that. I’ll try to use many marketing techniques to sell tshirts here in the philippines. I’m trying to make good product and good designs but trying marketing ideas is what is motivating me… it’s not launched yet so if you want to check it out, it’s going to be in a couple of weeks. cheerz and thanks again man!

  4. and you’re using the conspicuous consumption with the free ipad, and feed the children thing to add some view on your youtube video hehe good video! I think if you were a tint more precise on whom is going to get the ipad, the video would have more hits (some may argue that im missing the point though).

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  6. Just watched and Sub’d to your channel.. Great information and also eye opening for those that don’t know this is happening. They sell water back to us higher then Gas prices… The Body is the only thing that heals itself when properly hydrated and have the right minerals in your body. But your so right there is no magic pill.

  7. Interesting. Liked and shared. What you haven’t explicitly pointed is customer’s greed. There are things we simply “must have” though we simply don’t need them – but we want them. That’s the secret of sales for many Internet millionaires.

    You should add celebrity inclusion in marketing bag of tricks and you would have three most persuasive factors why people buy even not really needed things.

  8. Great info! Love the info on conspicuous consumption which is something that everyone is guilty of at one form or another. Looking forward to move videos.

  9. I am a first time viewer. I like your presentation and marketing strategies tips used out in the real marketing world. I well share your video and I’ll keep on watching.


  10. you sort of used your business strategy that you were talking about in your video to promote you getting likes. people commenting, and spreading the word out so you get more people sharing the video thus you getting more views and subscribers. what a great way to use conspicuous Consumption. as an example at the end. very well spoken.I am going to use the strategy you talked about to help promote my future business. thanks for the making this video.

  11. Solid and unique stuff Aziz! Eventhough some will use the donation concept for only personal gain — charities are still getting helped as a result!

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