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Michigan Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Michigan Social Media Marketing For Small Business

At a recent live event I had a business owner ask me, “Hey that Social Media Marketing stuff, does it work?” And I will tell you what I told him. Many businesses and online entrepreneurs charge into the social networks without having a clear sense of the social media culture, the technology and not having a well laid out plan.

I’m going to cover the 3 biggest mistakes I have seen businesses make in regards to Social Media Marketing and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not having a clear plan or goal.
A lot of business owners and companies just play with or just try one thing within social media and quit. Most of those don’t know what they are trying to do or accomplish with this new medium, i.e. set a goal – more views, more downloads, more clients. You have to ask yourself how can I leverage these social media networks to obtain my goals. It is all about building a relationship with your clients. You have chosen to use a new and different medium – social media marketing.


Mistake #2: Leading with a Marketing Conversation.
I find a lot of newbie’s charge right into these social networks thinking that they can just simply advertise their business and people will come. I liken it to a backyard BQ, you wouldn’t walk up to the first person you met at a BQ and start telling them what you do and if they want to buy, would you? I hope not. You would start with small talk and then lead into what do you do. Don’t make it about you or your product make it about the relationships. Using social media marketing to advance your business goals doesn’t change this fundamental rule. You must provide some sort of value first and foremost and if you did your job correctly they will become raving fans.

Mistake #3: Not using these networks effectively.
These social networks are where conversations happen all the time 24/7/265 days a year. It is absolutely critical that you are aware of the “community effect” within each network. One way to add value to the social networks’ community is to ask questions, and answer questions, share an interesting link to a story or video. Again start by building a relationship by giving; sharing and then they will become raving fans. They trust you and because you are the expert they then will be business with you.

Pat Gage is a Social Media Speaker, Trainer, & Consultant, Facebook & Twitter Marketing Trainer and Business Development Coach. Pat is Marketing. Sign up for Pat’s Facebook Training – www.phoenixmediagroupllc.com

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