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Mobile Marketing Basics

Mobile Marketing Basics

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Now that we are in the 21st century, the era of technology is king. Before, everything was done on the computer, but no with the introduction of mobile technology such as PDA’s and smartphones, the internet has now shifted from your desk to the palm of your hand. With this shift comes new strategies for online marketers, especially Affiliates. This opens up a brand new area that hasn’t been around for long and doesn’t have an area of set rules. Currently there are four main uses of mobile affiliate marketing Click-to-call, Smartphone Applications, SMS campaigning, and mobile landing pages.


Click-to-call is one type of mobile marketing campaign chosen by affiliates. Also called Pay-per-call, it allows the affiliate to focus on a set of phone numbers and send them their ads. It is very easy for the recipient to interact with this form of advertising, all they have to do is click and they are taken to wherever the marketer wants them to go. This ultimately gives the marketer great increases in conversion rates.



The next form of mobile affiliate marketing is Smart Phone Applications (Apps). These Apps are very hot these days, mostly on blackberry, iphone, and droid phones. Apps come in different shapes and sizes and cover a wide variety of subjects, but one thing is common on mobile apps, they all are open for ads. Selecting an app that deals with your specific demographic can certainly increase business. The App market is growing at light speed right now and isn’t stopping anytime soon.


Mobile sites are another alternative for mobile marketing. This idea generally means taking your site and making it accessible for viewing on a cell phone. For this online marketers need to do some research about what specifications your site needs in order for it to be phone-friendly. This way of marketing allows people an alternative to viewing your site on the computer, now they can view it on their phones.


SMS campaigning is a fourth way of mobile marketing, it gives the Affiliate an alternative to emails. Nowadays people communicate by two major forms email and text messages. Email marketing has been around for years but SMS marketing is a new idea that is just being explored. One major problem with email marketing is that it barely gets opened by the recipient, winding up in spam folders. On the other side SMS marketing is pretty much guaranteed to be opened by the recipient upon arrival.


Every form of mobile marketing is being adapted every second. It is important to keep up with the time and the trends to capitalize your profits. Technology is growing day by day and soon who knows what types of marketing will be implemented with new discoveries in technology. Don’t be stuck in the past, look into the future, it is full of great opportunities.

Eric-Affiliate Manager at Infopay.com

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