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Non-Reciprocal Linking Explained

Non-Reciprocal Linking Explained

Article by Preeti

Search engines follow various rules on which the ranking of a website depends. Also, the rules (or algorithms) of search engines keeps on changing. In older days, reciprocal linking was given much importance. In this, both the websites participating in link exchange placed each others link on their websites. This is a two-way linking or A-B linking.Incoming links are like ‘votes’ from other webmasters. So, higher the number of people (or sites) linking to you, higher will be your ranking on search engines. Search engines consider the site receiving many links to be of worth and having a good value for other people. But only the quantity of links is not important. The quality of website linking to you is much more important. You can have the advantage of getting “PR juice” if a high PR website is linking to your site.But later, reciprocal linking method started becoming obsolete. The search engine trends changed, and they started considering it as a link trade. Then, non-reciprocal linking came into existence. In contrast to reciprocal linking, in which two sites exchanged links, in non-reciprocal linking, three sites participate. This is three-way linking or A-B-C linking. In this process, B links to C and C links to A. As opposed to reciprocal links, non-reciprocal links have two major advantages.Firstly, they are given more weightage by search engines, as they are not reciprocated (search engines can find out if a link is reciprocated or not).Secondly, non-reciprocal links don’t have to be monitored as closely as reciprocal links. With reciprocal links one has to be aware of unethical webmasters who will take links down or use other tactics to insure that the search engines don’t see the links pages. You have to be aware of these events so that you can remove their links from your site if warranted however with non-reciprocal links you don’t have to be as concerned as you’re not linking to them.

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