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Optimizing Google Adsense

Optimizing Google Adsense

Article by david

If you have been serving Google Adsense ads on your website’s for a while, or is getting ready to do it, you are probably wondering how you can benefit the most from Google’s Adsense program….

It is no secret that there is big bucks in writing e-books, courses and creating products geared around Google’s Adsense program. Many of these products are sold for several hundred dollars, claiming that they will show you “the hidden secrets” to Adsense success.

Some of the Adsense products and Adsense books offered does actually offer you value for your money, but there are also many scam artists operating in this business.

Let us tell you the biggest secret to Google’s Adsense program “There are NO secrets!”.

Now, how can we claim this?

By using pure logic, it is obvious that everyone is bound by the same terms and conditions for using Google’s Adsense program, which again means that the only party that is in full control is Google.

With that being said, there are several things you can do to optimize your Adsense earnings, also without being in danger of violating Google’s Adsense Terms.

1. Select the Google Adsense Ad type that fits your design best – and gives the best CTR.

Through several months of research, both by us and other Adsense users, it has been concluded that the 2 best general performing ad types are:

Skyscraper 160×600 with text ads.Placement: Left or Right side

Big Rectangle 336 x280 with text ads.Placement: Top or Middle2. Select a Colour scheme that fits the design of your pages.

This is a much discussed part about optimizing Adsense income, and the opinions does vary.

However, our recommendations is that you select one of the following Colour schemes.

2.1 Colour scheme that matches your website

If you look to the top of this text, you will see that the Google Adsense ads are served on a white background (the same as the page background), without any borders, and with a font and link colour that matches the rest of the site. This is what is called a “non-intrusive” Adsense ad colour scheme, because it doesn’t scream at the website visitor, and is therefore considered a part of the site, instead of a disturbance to the eye.

2.2 Use a random colour scheme (secret revealed!)

By using the techniques discussed in Adsense Tips, you can have Google serve Adsense ads on your website, and dynamically switch between 4 different colour schemes. This is actually one of the much overlooked features of the Adsense program, and by some referred to as a “big secret”.span>

3. Do SEO (search engine optimization) on your website.

Google doesn’t reveal how it’s Googlebot determines what type of ad’s to show on your website.

But if you follow these guidelines, it is our experience that Google does serve highly relevant Adsense ads, and additionally your websites will get well indexed by search engine robots.

Use a METATITLE, that defines what each page is about.Use METATAGS, to define the keywords that match your page content.If possible, register a domain name that has your top keyword in it.On the first line of the page, give a descriptive title of your page in tags.Try to avoid using top navigation, use left navigation instead.Always create a robots.txt file.Remember to create a sitemap file.Do a search on Google for “SEO” and gather more information.For more please visit,www.thegooglebusiness.blogspot.com

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