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Organizing Chaos with Christian Clancy Part 1

Odd Future is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. They’re buzzing more than a building lobby, with a girlfriend inside of it trying to find her cheating boyfriend (you know what I’m talking about). As an indie act they have done everything from cover Billboard Mag to sell out shows overseas. Some people believe Odd Future is a creation of a major record label, that is quietly pulling strings to make their artists superstars. Some people believe that there is a huge line of publicists, calling in every favor imaginable to give OFWGKTA their major label promo run-like looks. As we enter the offices of XL Records, we don’t see any publicists. We don’t see any big time suits, tapping away on their Blackberry’s. That doesn’t exist. Allow us to show Odd Future’s man behind the curtain, Christian Clancy. Clancy is a laid-back, almost quiet former record executive. Before his days of running around with OF, he ran the marketing department at Interscope. The first project he ever worked on was The Marshall Mathers LP. How fitting that an artist so controversial, and so groundbreaking, was the first act he worked with. Even with his past, he assures us that the group is not yet signed to a major. He jokes that all he is looking for is the label’s PIN number. My guess is that labels aren’t all the way ready to spend millions on the group. I mean, most probably have made large offers, but very hesitantly. My consensus from major label employees is Odd Future is a risk. The group has yet
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