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Premium SMS Donations to Haiti: Mobile Marketing to Aid Humanity

Premium SMS Donations to Haiti: Mobile Marketing to Aid Humanity

Hitherto, it was thought that premium SMS service is used only for mobile marketing and game shows on television. Sadly, it took an unfortunate tragedy like the earthquake in Haiti to prove otherwise. As every dark cloud has a silver lining, the upheaval in Haiti has highlighted the human side of mobile marketing. USA donated over million to Haiti earthquake victims and a major chunk of it was garnered through premium SMS service. Red Cross alone raised million through premium text messaging service.

Simple and quick method

Probably, this was the first time in the history that such a huge aid donation was raised within such a short time; and that too it involved no physical efforts but a few presses of a mobile keypad.

It involved a simple interactive bulk text messaging from the aid collector agencies. They collaborated with mobile marketing services for sending premium SMS. Mobile users across the US received a text message asking them to donate to Haiti earthquake victims. All that mobile users needed to do was to reply by a text message if they were interested to donate. was charged to their mobile bill for the month. It was as simple as that.


It took a few seconds per mobile user to key in the reply, from wherever they are, and whenever they wanted. This simple and quick method invoked the sea of humanity and resulted in the deluge of donations.

Advertisements and endorsements

Amidst the plethora of text messages that the mobile users receive everyday, it was very likely that they neglect or delete altogether the message for the help. So, in order to pump up the visibility and response to the message various mobile marketing campaigns, advertising on national TV and celebrity endorsements were undertaken.

First Lady Michelle Obama turned spokesperson for the Haiti earthquake victims. She appealed to the people on a television show ‘24′. The National Football League play-off games were also used as a platform for the appeal. Unbelievably, it resulted in almost half a million donations per hour via text messaging service during the games.

Crucial tool in critical situations

Premium SMS service and other mobile marketing tools like mobile advertising, mobile marketing campaigns, bulk SMS, etc. are proving to be very handy during critical times, owing to their wide reach, easy usability and anytime application. It has already proven beneficial in strengthening the bond of humanity. It has crossed all the barriers of cast, creed and color to amass huge help through premium SMS donations to Haiti.

Anthony Wayne is a consultant for 84444.com. He is also an expert on text message donations.

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