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QR-Code Calibration for Mobile Augmented Reality

Demonstration of graduation project, in which 2D barcodes are used to calibrate the user’s position in a mobile AR system. The gravitational and compassing sensors of the device take over after the initial calibration, to calculate exactly where the user is looking at inside the augmented panorama. Augmented objects like images, video and sounds can then be attached. The calibration technique using a 2d barcode is intuitively done, and user generated content can then be created for a certain QR-Code location, so when a different user scans the same tag, the content will be downloaded. The main target is social networking Augmented Reality, and locative data sharing. Graduation Project for Kyushu University, Interaction Design Lab, Department of Design Strategy. UPDATE: Accepted in Siggraph LA, 2010, Poster Sessions. Link: Poster – tsouk.tumblr.com Link: PDF Abstract – dl.dropbox.com Video: – www.youtube.com Mock up for the content that can be used with this design on the iPhone, by Yamamoto Yuuzo, a lab-mate at Kyushu University.
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