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SEO SEO Strategies For 2010 After The Google Mayday And Caffeine Updates

SEO SEO Strategies For 2010 After The Google Mayday And Caffeine Updates

Article by Steve Hill

OK the time for moaning and groaning is over. So your website has been badly affected by the Google Mayday update with your traffic from long tail phrases especially hit. What are you going to do just sit there and cry? Or are you going to fight back and even learn from the experience? There will be no roll back to how the search engine rankings used to be – what we now have to do is move with the times and to change our SEO strategies accordingly.

In my opinion the changes that Google are trying to implement are to the benefit of our search experience therefore they should at least be applauded for that. The current index does however return some very strange results; here in the UK we are seeing a great many American sites in the top ten of the results and also some German ones. A great many people are commenting about this and if they are all aware of the problems then I am sure Google are as well. I am confident that in a short period of time the “bug” in the results will be removed.

Moving forward I feel that quality will be the determining factor – therefore I would remove all duplicate content from your website; I would adding fresh new unique content to the site on a regular basis and I would be attempting to gain one-way backward links pointing to the site.

Unique content and one-way backward links are the new kings of SEO and web promotion – quite rightly so.

Some webmasters just do not have the time or patience to write all of this content or to start a one-way link building campaign. There are now people out their who offer a manual article submission service and others who offer link building services – basically what I am saying there is no excuse, if you want a successful website you need to invest either your time or your money in its future.

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Steve Hill runs an SEO company in the UK and offers a one-way link building service.

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