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Should Social Media Be Done In-house Or Outsourced?

Should Social Media Be Done In-house Or Outsourced?

The Big Question, Should social media be done in-house or outsourced?
Businesses are trying to determine whether it makes sense to hire someone to do their “Social Media Marketing” in-house. If so, should that person be a part-time or full-time employee? If not, should the social media work be outsourced to a freelance individual or to an SEO company? This is a tough question that different businesses are each answering in their own ways today. Take a closer look and determine for yourself.
These Types Of Businesses Should Outsource Their Social Media Marketing?

Business to consumer businesses have a product to sell and do well on Social Media because they reach the people that would be interested in their product when they are just surfing around having fun on Facebook or Twitter. There are many great ways to bring items to market that consumers look on favorably if done right.
Business to business marketing requires a bit more strategy. You need to strategically position yourself .You need to meet your potential customer where they are. With these markets you will want to build relationship, offer a great service and educate your potential customer on your business and offerings. Keep it social, pushy sales will not work. If this is done right they will ask you for your services.


Local companies are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the power of social media. You have the ability to target geographic regions, use local directories, target local area keywords and build you online friends, community and following within the community you live. Local businesses do well in the social media realm.
Businesses with large inventories promote well with social media. If you hold meetings with different topics, sell many kinds of different product or many kinds of one type of product such as pawn shops variety store, online and ebay stores, social media can be a great way to get the word out!
Highly regulated industries. These types of businesses again must focus on position, education and service but have a clearly targeted niche to market to. If you know your demographics you can do very well. This takes finesse and should work within the bounds of your state or federal licensing.
Restaurants and bars are recreational businesses and have tons of creative options. These businesses are social anyway and with social media you get to make irresistible offers and create great buzz around your business.

There you have it, multiple reasons to outsource your social media marketing.
Social Media, Video Media, Mobile Phone and Search Engine Domination when used properly will grow your business up to 500% or more.

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