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Social Bookmarking for Backlinking

Social Bookmarking for Backlinking

Article by Simon Andrews

What is social bookmarking?

In internet marketing terms, social bookmarking is a method used, in the main, for attaining backlinks to a website. We’ve discussed at some length about backlinks and why they are so important to ensure that a website ranks higher up in the search engines, and social bookmarking is simply another way of getting those all-important links.

There are so many social bookmarking sites on the internet that it would be a ridiculous exercise to begin listing them, however, with that said, social bookmarking sites offer the same issues as do article directories – the NO FOLLOW and DO FOLLOW rules. So before we talk about who does what, I want to just briefly go over some reasons why you may wish to utilize social bookmarking sites as part of your over-all SEO strategy.

One of the key “things” to realize about a powerful SEO strategy is that – its not so much how hard you work but how hard you work your brain. Does that makes sense? Its not the amount of graft you do but what you do with your time that counts. My own attitude to life in general is this – if I pick up a spade I can dig a nice big hole in perhaps 3 hours and it will take me quite a bit of sweat and a few blisters to do so (perhaps even a heart attack). If I got into a mini excavator however, I could dig the same whole within 10 minutes at most, not have to shed a drop of sweat, nor will I have any blisters to show for it. You see where I am going with this, right?

I’ve spent weeks, even months, on backlinking strategies that, even though I’ve worked many hours a day every day in the week, did not work. They did not work!

I’ve hit some pages on many of my sites with thousands of backlinks within a 10 week period, only to see the site (or page) going up and down in Google, then to disappear- never to be seen again. And do you realize how frustrating this is? By all means if you want to waste a few months of your life give it a try. Either that or read on and learn how to avoid at least some of the pitfalls of the game of search engine optimization.

In the next post I shall discuss the reason why we wish to use the social bookmarking sites to enhance our strategies over-all.

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