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Social Bookmarking Guide: Yahoo! Buzz

Social Bookmarking Guide: Yahoo! Buzz

Article by Mascar Rooney

Yahoo! Buzz is a social bookmarking site owned by Yahoo. Its community platform is imitated from Digg. It offers social bookmarking and syndication features. Users can submit news from their own site or share links from other interesting site. Yahoo! Buzz receives a large amount of traffic per month. By using Yahoo! Buzz, you can create a large market for your company. It is a preferred alternative to traditional advertising. To use Yahoo! Buzz, you must have a Yahoo email account. You can sign up for an account free of charge.

Yahoo created the social bookmarking site to attract more traffic to its site. Yahoo! Buzz is different than other social bookmarking sites in that it allows its user to modify the content of the submitted post.

You can link your Delicious account with Twitter. The hotlist tab display the most popular bookmark in Delicious. After submitting a bookmark, it will be listed under the Recent bookmarks. Under Explore Tags, you will find bookmarks that is organized by tags.To submit a new content, click on the My Activity tab. Under Shape the News, click on the Submit a Story button. In the URL field, enter the url of the page which you want to submit. Since it has already included a http://, you only have to type in the part starting from the www. After that, you should click on the Preview button.

Once you click on the Preview button, you will be redirected to the detail submission page. Under headline, you should enter the title of the news. The title must be written in an interesting way so that it will motivate the user to read the description. The word count limit for the headline include 100 characters. In the summary field, you should enter the description of the URL. The description should not exceed 300 characters. It is recommended that you don’t use the META description of the page as the summary. You are also not advised to copy and paste an excerpt from the page. Instead, you should write a unique description. The short description which you provide must summarise the content which people are interested to read. The description should not be a sales pitch.

Next, you should choose a category for the post. It is important to submit the content under the right category. If you submit to the wrong category, the visitors will not be targeted. For example, if you are submitting a politic content, you should not submit it under lifestyle. The visitors in the lifestyle category are interested in reading content on lifestyle and not politic. If you continue to submit to the irrelevant category, the moderator will notice you. Subsequently, he will ban and close down your account.

Under the media type, you can select from four options including text, image, video, and audio. If the URL is pointing to a page with content, you should select text from the drop down menu.

When you are done, you should enter the characters displayed in the Captcha code and click on the Submit button. The Captcha code is a security measure to prevent robotic submission. When social bookmarking at Yahoo! Buzz, you should not submit too many pages otherwise the moderator will ban your account.

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