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Social Bookmarking List: Facilitate Users To Know About Web Sites

Social Bookmarking List: Facilitate Users To Know About Web Sites

Social bookmarking list of website is being given an idea that how many sites are involved in it. There are so many websites are included in social bookmarking list. BibSonomy is social bookmarking site which is available in market for users. The aim of this site is to integrate the advantages of bookmarking system and as well as efficient management. It allows users to store and manage their bookmarks and support the integrated communities. It also helps to re-find the information. Users are free to choose description the terms and they create uncontrolled vocabulary as a result of their assignments. These assignments are being related to tags which is given by users.

Delicious is another name which is included in “social bookmarking list”. It is used for sharing and sorting bookmarks. It has number of users in the world. This site which is included in social bookmarking list uses a non-hierarchical system. In which users can tag each of their bookmarks. Every site has some distinguish features as compare to other. That’s why all are in practice because of this reason. The use of this bookmarking website is obviously free and the code of the site is not given but a user can get their data in many other options.

My web is another bookmarking site which is also mentioned in list and it considered best. This web site was launched by yahoo. Like other bookmarking site it allows users to bookmark a web page with description also. Users can also add tags so that besides this specific person, other people also search for tags and see this site. There are so many sites which are mentioned in the list. This social bookmarking list helps the users to get an idea that how many options a user can have to get information.

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