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Social Bookmarking Traffic-Things You Should be Aware of

Social Bookmarking Traffic-Things You Should be Aware of

How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites for Traffic


Every social bookmarking website has the ability to drive traffic to your site. But how you leverage them is another question. Although many popular social bookmarking sites are experiencing plenty of spam, there are still ethical ways to be a member of the community and get targeted visitors to your website and not have to bend the rules while doing it.


Be Active: Growing your presence on popular social bookmarking sites and presenting yourself as an important part of these sites is all about being as active as possible. The other members of the bookmarking community will consider your links to be more important if you are an active member. Also, do not forget to respond when people put comments on your materials. On sites like Digg, a story can create a heated debate which can attract hundreds of comments from other users. So, if you notice this happening do not put restrictions on yourself. Instead, be satisfied that your content is getting attention and answer all comments. Don’t restrict yourself to just your own comments. But, also, post them on other people’s submissions. This will help you to make strong bonds that will last a long time. Tips for Writing Descriptions: Descriptions are basically a little blurb which supports your headline. You should keep the description on topic and it should support your headline. Creating attention grabbing headlines and a well written description will go a long ways in getting a prospect to click over to your site. An interesting headline and intriguing description will get your bookmark plenty of attention. Should you decide to create hype, do so in a straightforward and honest fashion.



Have Other Articles on the Topic: Social bookmarking websites can drive tons of traffic to your site. But at the same time, it may just die down in a two or three days. So you will not have tons of traffic forever. This is why you should be prepare to get the most from it while it lasts. Quite naturally, the traffic will decrease. So have enough content so that your readers will want to stay on your website. Provide more articles that will grab their attention. Give them a reason to browse around. Your website should really give them something instead of your one article, when they arrive on your site. Plenty of social bookmark members only go from site to site and never stay on any one site for a long time. So change them from surfers to customers. You should be certain that your content has other articles that are linked to them with similar information. Successful internet marketers and webmasters alike have been getting traffic from social bookmarking sites for years. Focus on creating quality bookmarks. Know your core audience, give them what they want. News, interesting facts, freebies, or whatever the case may be. Social bookmarking sites are just one powerful method of driving highly targeted traffic to your website. The method is quick, easy, and works!

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