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Social Bookmarking with the Onlywire Firefox Add-on

Social Bookmarking with the Onlywire Firefox Add-on

Article by Daniel D

Many online marketers are looking to easy ways to leverage social bookmarking to increase link popularity. This article will look at how the Onlywire Firefox add-on can allow marketers to bookmark across dozens of sites without consuming gobs of valuable time. This free service can easily supplement off-site SEO by increasing backlinks and overall online exposure. So Instead of content solely occupying a blog post or article directory, the content and link can be distributed to some of the most highly visited bookmarking sites. You first need to register for and store all the affiliated bookmarking accounts that Onlywire supports. These sites, which include Digg, Propeller, Bebo, Ask, Delicious and Furl, provide a social platform that enables easy content sharing. Moreover, their Google pageranks often range from 5 to 8 and thus pass on considerable ‘link juice’ to bolster the bookmarked link. However, Often the social bookmarketing sites will rank individually in addition to the link itself. Either result is optimal for the marketer looking to maximize online real estate.

The Onlywire Firefox add-on saves time since over a dozen sites are bookmarked at once. It also bypasses the inconvenience of copying and pasting URL and entering in usernames for each mass bookmark (assuming you stay logged in to Onlywire). After clicking on Onlywire’s blue box in the toolbar, the user receives a confirmation email notifying him of any minor requirements before bookmarking is completed. Filling in captcha codes and specifying subjects or tags only takes a few additional minutes and is a small price to pay.

The other advantage is the small space that the add-on occupies within the browser’s toolbar area. Unlike other toolbars which consume valuable screen space, the add-on is a small square which typically sits just next to the search bar.

Visit the Doctor DubLi Blog in the article’s resource box below to view a tutorial video that assists beginners through the necessary steps.

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Daniel D. is an avid writer on various internet marketing topics and is the founder of the Doctor DubLi Team. He creates innovative marketing tools for novice and aspiring networkers worldwide from his office in Suburban Detroit.Learn more about his business and how his team is seeing success by integrating social networking and DubLi marketing.

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