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The opportunity of Business social media Social media has become a phenomenon beyond words. Hundreds of millions of people have joined the party all over the world. In a millisecond millions of people know everything about everything and everyone. You knew it couldn’t be long before business got involved. Small business, big business, your business. I’m only 65 years old, I’ve seen a lot of opportunities come and go. I have seen the complete evolution of the computer. And the complete evolution of the Internet. But never have I seen, or could I have imagined, an opportunity so great as business social media. And the best part is, it’s just beginning. No, no – the best part is – IT’S FREE! Now is your time to take full advantage of this no cost, low cost, global, and local opportunity. When companies like Proctor and Gamble, Dell, apple, IBM, Microsoft, Zappos, and amazon.com dive head-first into the process, you can be certain that there is plenty of opportunity, and plenty of room and plenty of money, for you to do the same. Business social media does require an investment: your time. HERE’S THE CATCH: You must be willing to allocate about an hour a day to build your network. When you do, and do it right, the rewards will be beyond your ability to measure. You will attract new customers, you will connect and reconnect with business associates, you’ll attract people to connect with you, and you’ll do it 1000 times faster and ten thousand times better, than making the 100
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