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Social Media Management for the Time Challenged Business Owner

Social Media Management for the Time Challenged Business Owner

Article by Alexis Jameson

Social media is an amazing force on the Internet. At this point, Twitter has over 100 million utilizing its Tweets, Facebook includes over 750 million active members and YouTube, which is the most visited site on the Internet, books 1,586,000 daily website hits, 100 million daily video streams and about 63 million different visitors per month.

They are all free to use and each of these social media sites can pack an extraordinary punch when it comes to getting you noticed, raising your search engine rankings and attracting people to your business. Plus, there are other sites and tools at your disposal that will help even more. The question is how can a business owner who is already extremely busy running their business also harness the power of social media? There are a few choices at hand.

Creating Your Social Media Schedule

If you are going to tackle utilizing social media sites yourself, it will be important to create a schedule. There will be three basic phases to this process.

1. Creation of your presence (Establishing your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other accounts.)2. Once established creating and providing daily and weekly information, including Tweets, videos, Facebook posts, blog posts, press releases, articles and more. Content rich pieces that are search engine optimized are important.3. Developing your sites and followers for each and ensuring linking and backlinking is occurring.

If it looks like a daunting task, it is. And that means you’ll first need to develop a schedule for simply creating a presence. For an individual, it can take hours to set up a site properly.

Focusing on Essentials

One way to conquer these tasks is to devote one to two hours each day to social media management. Focus on one site at a time and once that’s established go to the next while maintaining the first. Once the second is running, then go to the third while pumping material into the first two.

Once again, this is not easy for a business owner to do. If you have employees, you may want to assign this task to someone. They will either need to already have or be required to attain expertise in various aspects of social media and Internet marketing. Some business owners will also create a new position to handle this task within the company. This can, obviously, be costly.

Benefits of Using a Service

Another alternative is to hire a service that specializes in social media management and Internet marketing. Usually these providers will be able to set up everything for you and generate and disseminate all of the blogs, press releases, Facebook status updates, Tweets and videos you need.

These people are experts in social media and Internet marketing. They know how to develop appropriately effective pieces that will get you the exposure you want on the Internet and boost your search engine rankings.

You’ll find that such services often offer various plans with ample discounts for year and two-year contracts. However, most will not require that you sign up for a specified amount of time, leaving that option open to the customer.

Bottom Line: Use Social Media

The bottom line is that social media is an immense marketing tool and an amazing force in this world. If you are not using it, then you are losing ground in what is a highly competitive marketplace. If you’re unsure of what to do, then start small by using Facebook and establishing a SEO blog.

If you want to go full tilt into the world of social media and you don’t have a minimum of two hours each and every day to devote to it, then it’s best to hire a professional service. In the long run, this will probably save you money by allowing you to focus on what you do best, which is running your business. It will also help you make more money as your search engine ranking rises and more people take note of your company and visit your website.

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