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Social Media Marketing and Role of YouTube

Social Media Marketing and Role of YouTube

Article by Owais Siddiqui

<u>What is Social Media Marketing</u>. Social media marketing is a program of integrated marketing communication. It addresses the target market by promoting its element like advertising, public relations, publicity, direct marketing and sales promotion. Traditionally the integrated marketing communication is linked to external agencies like advertising agencies, marketing research firms and public relation firms who in collaboration with the organization carry out the traditional marketing communication and its model includes timings, content, frequency and medium of communication. The affect of social-media especially in relevance to its growth has an impact on the market communication. Web or the internet has provided an opportunity to people to build business relations and social links by giving out information so as to team up in projects on line. The objective of social-media marketing is to put in an effort with a view to create content that attracts the reader and the information is passed on from one reader to the other and from one user to the other. Its has provided a platform on the net which has enabled all interested parties to communicate and have link with each other so as to explore the new brands introduced by organizations and improve the customer service. The software tool is provided by number of companies that are specialized in nature and is a platform for social media marketing. These tools are used for various purposes, such as:

? Social book marking and tagging

· Social media monitoring

· Social analytical reporting

· Social aggregation

· Social media

· Automation

· Validation

· Blog marketing

Social Media Outlet.

· Facebook.

· YouTube

· Twitter

· Blogs

· Cell phones

Role of YouTube in Social Media Marketing. Seeing analytically the role of social media marketing you can always very safely say that it is about sharing the information about a product, its publicity and going on for a joint venture. What is our requirement from the social media marketing? Simple, to publicize the product, pass on as much of the information on the product to the customer and improve its sales promotion. In the process, joint collaboration in a project is welcomed. Frequently in world of economics we are looking for new creative and innovative ideas while spending our resources in the market. YouTube videos have given a new facet to this innovation where you can publicize your product more effectively and similarly can explain its use more befittingly. It is less on cost, more effective and is always available on the net. No additional expenditure on advertisements and publicity. YouTube videos can be uploaded to mobile or cell phones and can be viewed by many. YouTube has over 2.5 million users and is an effective member of social media marketing. Some of the tips to use YouTube Videos for marketing are as under:

· Must define clear objective of the video.

· Build brand recognition of the product.

· Sales demonstration of the product.

· With clear objective, better views are received.

· YouTube videos should not be for more than 3 minutes as the viewer loses his interest.

· For lengthy movies, have more than one YouTube Videos with clear titles, what it is for.

· Don’t forget to add tags, titles and description to it.

· After the clip has been uploaded in YouTube, tag it to other social networks like face book, blogs, twitter etc.

· You can always add the YouTube video to your web site and make it part of your email address.

Summary. Today web sites are considered to be the most successful means of social media marketing. YouTube web site is the most popular site where over 150,000 videos per day are uploaded. People consider it the most favorite site and great venue for uploading and sharing their videos on YouTube video web site.

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