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Social Media Marketing: Three Ways to Improve Your Business

Social Media Marketing: Three Ways to Improve Your Business

Social media marketing is now a real player to the world of online marketing. It’s more than the latest rumors – that is here to stay.

That people use to keep in touch with friends, make new friends, communicate with colleagues and form new business relationships – everything is possible. For example, the media in Sydney are using online communities to increase the exposure of companies, building strategic relationships in the market and understand what customers want. Of course in two ways in which clients and customers can also communicate with you to express their comments.

Let’s look at each in more detail:

Exhibition business

Social media is often more economical and more effective public relations activities. Contacts with the media no longer needed, rather than a large advertorials in magazines and newspapers. Instead of using online social tools, businesses can increase exposure to develop relationships with their markets.


To create a great show business, you need great content to share. Exchange and communication are at the heart of social media to create something to be shared is an excellent start. This could be videos, articles, podcasts, photos, and more. All teams must be branded with your business name, logo, image etc. the distribution of their content translates into valuable business exposure.

Strategic relationships

Establish strategic relationships with your network online and offline help grow your business immeasurably. There are two ways of thinking about strategic partners: increase profits and exposure increases.

If you are looking to increase the benefits you want to find strategic partners that have to do with your ideal customer base. Ideally, your service will be free for them, so the references will be of mutual benefit. When you identified these strategic partners then you can approach them through social media. For example, through LinkedIn, the lover of his Facebook page or Twitter your re tweets.

The second type of strategic partner will help you gain a desired market exposure. These are people who have great social impact on your audience. You can identify them by the way; others rely on their opinions and share their content. These “influential” may not be able to view your ideal client, but they could transfer part of their social impact by relying.

Understand your customers

Many people look at social media marketing as a sales tool. But the fact is that this is a great way to explore and understand your market. Users constantly ask questions, discuss controversial topics and share their opinions. By simply listening to your ideal customer base, you can know what their problems are – and develop a solution that meets their needs.

Of course, you can be positive and ask for suggestions and comments, but just to investigate the newsgroups and forums, comments on Facebook and Twitter streams by now show you what’s hot.

These are just three ways you can start using social media to grow up your business!


Emmily Rose is one of the most expert in social media marketing methods and various aspects of brand building at Kreata Global.

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