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Successful Social Media Strategy in 10 Steps

Successful Social Media Strategy in 10 Steps

Article by Doug Hay

As marketing and PR professionals scramble to deal with the decline of traditional media, social media marketing is fast becoming a necessity.

A new report on the media buying plans of advertisers and agencies indicates that having a “presence on social networks” is one of the top priorities of their media plans for next year. According to the 2010 Media Planning Intelligence Study, released by the Center for Media Research in conjunction with InsightExpress, found that:

* 57.7% of respondents “ideally” plan, and

* 56.3% “realistically” plan to include social media in their media plans next year.

The key phrase here is “plan” as without a well researched social media strategy, there will likely be numerous failed social media initiatives.

Here is a 10 step social media strategy that my business partner, Sally Falkow, developed and has presented at several social media bootcamps:

1. Listen to conversations – what good or bad things are they saying about you and your competitors?

2. Establish share of voice – there are already conversations going on – what share do you have?

3. Set goals/benchmarks – using the data collected work out your goals and benchmarks (i.e. what your starting point is).

4. Find bloggers and communities – locate the bloggers and communities that will be of interest to you going forward.

5. Identify influencers – who do your customers trust?

6. Develop a content strategy – what content will your target communities and influencers be interested in?

7. Pick tools – should you blog or be on Facebook, Twitter or other sites?

8. Create and deliver the content – create the blog posts, Twitter posts and so on.

9. Engage and facilitate conversations – don’t just publish content, engage with your audiences. A conversation is two way.

10. Measure results – set up and monitor metrics to manage the program. Adjust it as applicable.

With the rapid decline in traditional media, social media is fast becoming the marketing medium of choice to reach consumers – both B2B and B2C, as they become ever more deeply immersed and engaged online. Having a well researched social media strategy will be the basis of a successful program.

About Expansion Plus, Inc.

Expansion Plus is an online public relations and social media agency located in Pasadena, CA that specializes in integrating a social media strategy with business goals by monitoring online conversations to identify the threats and opportunities and finding the right influencers for that business. For more information, please visit www.expansionplus.com

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Doug Hay is co-founder and CEO of Expansion Plus, Inc., a leading Los Angeles-based social media and digital media consultancy. Doug is a sought after speaker and has presented at local and national conferences. For more information about a social media strategy, visit www.expansionplus.com. Email Doug at dough@expansionplus.com or call 626-793-4911

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