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The 5 Hottest Online Bookmarking Sites

The 5 Hottest Online Bookmarking Sites

Barrages of social bookmarking sites are constantly making the rounds in the web, and people are often caught asking, “Which is the best?” Although there are many sites who claim that they are the best, no one can readily point to a particular site and say that it is the best among the rest. This is because each person has his own set of preferences and each social bookmarking site has its own focus and set of features. There is no one ultimate site that works for everyone, so the best thing anyone could do is to go with the one that is best for him, even if others say it doesn’t work. What follows is a list of the top sites that have gathered enough followers after a year or two, and if you are looking for an online social bookmark manager, checking the names in the list surely would not hurt.



For one, there is Digg which seems unusual to many because of the fact that in Digg, anyone can create a Digg site and anyone can comment on the same Digg. It is also not only a social bookmarking site, but one that can also be categorized under social networking. There are also no rigid set of limitations and prohibition in Digg, so anyone can comment and rate to their heart’s content.


Another is Reddit where you would have to sign up with the usual username and password in order to be allowed to submit and share bookmarks. Users are oftentimes asked to provide votes in specific stories and links that they deem worthy of placing in the most prominent spot.


There is also Furl which many users find awesome since it allows its visitors to bag copies of any web resource. You can search and exhaust your personal collection, and share whatever you think is worthy of sharing. Because of the great organizational features of Furl, many people use it to sort out their own shopping lists, property directories, student papers, and many more.


Meanwhile, Clipmarks lets people clip their favorite portions of Web pages, say an image, a video, a sentence, and what have you.  The site is extremely handy because with it, you can bookmark specific parts and forget about the rest.


For really serious search episodes, you can try StumbleUpon and be amazed at how much the site could rival the best search engines that dominate the virtual world. StumbleUpon presents information after information whose content has a quality demanding of a separate bookmark.

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