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The benefits of mobile marketing

The benefits of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing provides businesses with a fast, efficient and highly cost-effective way of reaching their target audience.

Setting up a mobile marketing system does not need to be difficult as there are many web based tools that are available to help small businesses make the most of mobile marketing. There are a number of benefits that mobile marketing brings to a small company, but some business owners are unaware of the potential this type of marketing can bring.

Mobile marketing is successful because it is personal in nature. Rather than buying advertising space on billboards around the city and hoping a potential customer will drive by and see it, each individual receives personal attention from your business. It is in some ways, even more effective than advertising on television, instead of hoping the channel won’t get changed when your advert comes on with mobile marketing you are safe in the knowledge that the next time the recipient looks at their phone, your message will greet them.


Being able to penetrate the mobile market and build brand awareness, without having to spend huge sums of money is a benefit to any company, as is the ability to reach a wide audience in a cost-effective way.

One of the main benefits of marketing via mobile is that new promotions can be launched as little as 24 hours in advance and often businesses will see results of such promotional efforts equally quickly, often within 24 hours of the marketing material being sent. The delivery if messages is fast and controllable, and unlike email most people have their phones on them all the time so there is little delay between your message being sent and it being read.

Mobile marketing is similar to email marketing in a number of ways. Marketing messages can be easily edits and spell checked to avoid mistakes and similarly to email mobile marketing allows full tracking of delivery in addition to the tracking of response and the conversion into sales. Subscribers to the businesses marketing material can choose to store messages and read them later and at a click of a button, the messages can be forwarded on to family and friends boosting viral promotion.

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