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The Death of Google Adsense And Other Myths

The Death of Google Adsense And Other Myths

Article by Titus Hoskins

Recent changes in the Google Adsense program has many online website owners and marketers seriously concerned. Many have seen their Adsense profits and income flatline… seen their four or five figure monthly Adsense income disappear overnight. For many the Google Adsense bubble has burst.

What happened?

First, Google made a change in its Adsense program, letting advertisers choose between putting their ads in the search results or on the content pages of Adsense publishers. Search won out and started to receive the higher bids. Search results convert better than content ads.

Next, Google has cracked down on Junk Adsense sites, like they should. These sites consisted mainly of software generated re-hashed search engine links and were totally annoying to say the least. But Google also cracked down on ‘squeeze pages’ or ‘affiliate landing pages’ – a lucrative source of income for many online marketers, mainly because these pages helped marketers build an opt-in list or use permission based email.

The results of these changes produced an Adsense meltdown for manyonline marketers.

Some Internet marketers are speculating recent changescould even mean the death of Adsense. One online marketer, Scott Boulch even published a free report entitled ‘The Death of Adsense”.

Many affiliate marketers would agree with Boulch on someof his points, especially the obvious fact that using Adsense on your web content is starting on the bottom rung of the online marketing ladder. Instead of receiving pennies per click with Adsense, alert marketers and webmasters have already discovered that by using CPA (Cost-Per-Action) and direct affiliate links, they can produce significantly more revenue from their web pages. Why earn pennies per click when you can earn , or OVER 0 per click?

But the fine people at Google are catching on…

In the past Google has made its own swing to the Cost-Per-Action direction with its referral system for the Firefox Browser and giving webmasters credit for signing up Adwords and Adsense accounts.

Many online marketers believe Google needs to expand on these baby steps and open their Adsense affiliate program up to third party products/advertisers. In a recent company statement Google offered some hope: “We’re always looking for new ways to provide effective and useful features to advertisers, publishers, and users,” the company stated “As part of these efforts we are currently testing a cost-per-action (CPA) pricing model to give advertisers more flexibility and provide publishers another way to earn revenue through AdSense.” Basically, in cost-per-action, advertisers pay for leads, purchases or customer acquisition. It would help with theclick fraud issue and the monetary returns could potentially make Adsense’s revenues pale in comparison.

As more and more commerce goes online… acquiring customers for such diverse services as insurance, real estate, telephone, marketing, web hosting, travel, mortgage loans, cable TV, banking… you name it, almost any service or product sold in the marketplace is now turning to the Internet for customers and lifelong clients.

Enormous sums of money will change hands. Perhaps, the most lucrative of these is customer acquisition. Advertisers are turning to the Internet and webmasters/marketers for acquiringthese lifelong customers for their respective services and products. Businesses and companies are quickly realizing paying an attractive lead generating fee/commission is smart business. They quickly build a client base for their services or products and quickly recoup their expenses – realizing in the long runthese leads will generate huge profits.

It can also mean huge profits for the CPA networks likeValueClick’s Commission Junction and Rakuten’s LinkShare who supply the advertisers with publishers and website marketersto harvest these leads. It can be a lucrative venture forall involved, especially for those online marketers whohave cornered the search engines for lucrative nichemarkets in big ticket items. Even small ticket itemspay quite well for those marketers who know how to marketonline.

Contextual advertising is fine, but CPA (Cost-Per-Action)will offer much better returns for the website owner. Makingany profitable site much more profitable. It will and isopening up a whole area of marketing opportunities thatnever existed before we had the Internet. Creating a complex structure of advertisers, publishers and the Affiliate/CPA companies that connect the two.

Of course, cutting out the middle man has always been evena more profitable venture for most marketers. As more and more webmasters realize they can make much more with dealing directly with companies, rather than going through a middle process likeGoogle Adsense or the countless other affiliate/CPA networks… online marketers can reap even bigger rewards.

For an online marketer when you get a phone call or email fromthe CEO or the affiliate manager with a company or serviceyou’re promoting with your website – you know you have made it!Dealing directly with a company usually means bigger commissionsand special exclusive deals just for you or your sites.

Only fly in the ointment, all that extra paperwork and businesswheeling and dealing. Many marketers and website owners like the idea of someone else handling all the tracking, collecting payments, promotional materials… they just like to sit back and build more websites and content. It gives the affiliate marketer a lifestyle thatthey are looking for on the web. They just like to market and promotewith their sites and let someone else worry about the details.Therefore, there will always be a place for contextual ads like Google Adsense… Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

However, could CPA be a better alternative for the current Adsensecontextual ads?

Google would be the natural choice for a middleman if thereever was one. Besides, many savvy marketers know the Googlebrand name is trusted online, any product/service promotedthrough Google would be an easy sell. Many argue Google already dominates the web, why should it not be the one tohandle these CPA transactions through its Adsense program.

On the flip side, over countless updates and changes toits indexing, many webmasters have experienced more than afew negative dealings with Google. Many have won, many have lost in this Google Age, but all have realized riding the Google Search Engine is like running with the bulls at Pamplona, totally thrilling unless you’re one of the unfortunate few who get trampled in the process.

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