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The Mobile Marketing Cure | Marketing Bangor Maine

The Mobile Marketing Cure | Marketing Bangor Maine

Mobile Marketing of Maine (Bangor, Maine) partner Tobin Slaven recounts a recent conversation with a friend about why most small businesses fail, and will never make it to their 5th year in business.

“I think most everyone would agree with me that most small businesses never make it. They close their doors and with them go the dreams, blood, sweat, and tears of the owners. You can’t argue with the statistics.

But why do so many businesses fail?

The way I see it, there are two primary reasons why small businesses fail:

1) They are under-capitalized. They may have enough money to get the machinery or supplies they need to get started, but they have little or no funds allocated for marketing. They die a slow death because no matter how great a product or service they provide, no one knows about it.


2) They don’t have systems set up, so even if they are financially successful – the business owner is often eaten up by the success. They get busier and busier until the business owns them instead of the other way around.

And that is one of the reasons why franchises are so successful in comparison with the survival rate of most small businesses. The franchisees must meet certain financial criteria to get the franchise, so they have the financial where-with-all to be successful. And a successful franchise already has the cookie-cutter systems in place to make things work anywhere a new franchise opens.

This topic caught my eye because mobile marketing offers the same two benefits to small business owners. Mobile marketing:

1) Can save you up to 90% of your existing advertising budget and can produce even better results. At Mobile Marketing of Maine we do a mobile demo where we explain how we arrived at these numbers, and what they mean to the main street business owner who wants to downsize their marketing budget/

2) Mobile marketing should work on a system. By putting the new prospect/new customer followup campaigns on autopilot, it’s like having a sales team working for you 24/7 – even when you sleep or are away on vacation.

If you are interested in learning more about mobile marketing and how it can save you advertising money – visit Mobile Marketing of Maine for a free demo. You can also text or call your name and email address to 207-358-4867 to see the pre-recorded demo.

For more information visit www.MobileMarketingOfMaine.com – and see how mobile marketing campaigns are helping businesses save up to 90% on their current advertising budgets.

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Call or text name and email to 207-358-4867 for demo.

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