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The Social Media Marketing Success of Target at Facebook

The Social Media Marketing Success of Target at Facebook

Facebook is touted as the most successful platform for social media marketing these days, and Target seems to have hit the bull’s eye in using Facebook for its social media marketing campaign. In fact, Target’s participation in Facebook has become some sort of positive case study on how to use social media networks for social media marketing.

Target began its involvement in Facebook as part of its back to school campaign. It did not just barge into Facebook though. Target was wise enough to do its homework first by visiting Facebook and other social media networks regularly for some time in order to get a feel of what people were talking about and how they were talking to each other.

It is very important to know what is happening in the entire social media network scene. It is even more important to learn the specific culture and language within each social media network. That way, a new participant can enter gracefully, blend into the community and create connections. It eliminates most risks of making a grave mistake or social booboo.

Target knew that it could not preach to its audience or use its usual storytelling approach. What it did in its Facebook page was to give its intended audience – mostly students – a platform to interact with each other like in a party. After all, that was what the students were in Facebook for.

Target avoided the kind of language used in its usual commercials and instead adapted the language of its audience on Facebook. There was no mention at all of the Target TV tagline “Hello, Good Buy.” Instead, Target’s Facebook copy – or posts, rather – used words like “awesome” very frequently.


Hard selling was also avoided at all costs. There were no ads for discounts or promos. There were even no links to Target’s e-commerce site. If banners were placed on other areas of Facebook, these led only to Target’s Facebook page and the ongoing conversations there. On their own, Target’s Facebook friends were already talking about the great deals available in the store, the discounted products and other things they loved about Target. People signed in by the thousands, joined discussion groups, made posts regularly and even uploaded photos.

All in all, Target’s presence in Facebook strengthened and deepened its relationship with its customers, further motivating them to continue their loyal support to the store. They were no longer individual customers but a community.

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Web Dot Com Website Development Phils., Inc.
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#20 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis (C-5),
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