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The Three Social Bookmarking Tips That No One is Doing, But Everyone Should to Generate More Traffic and Higher Quality Links

The Three Social Bookmarking Tips That No One is Doing, But Everyone Should to Generate More Traffic and Higher Quality Links

If you are reading this article and have any idea what social bookmarking is, then chances are you think you already know everything there is under the sun about them. Surprisingly enough, even with a concept as simple as social bookmarking, there are a lot of great ways to make use of them to boost traffic to your website that no one seems to be doing. Here are three great ways to maximize your use of social bookmarks, and direct the kind of traffic you deserve to your website.

1. Bookmark Sites That Link To You — One of the easiest, and yet most overlooked use of social bookmarks involves bookmarking pages from other sites that link to you. If you think about it, the reasons for doing this are quite obvious; any traffic or PageRank juice you can flow to a site that links to you, will in effect find its way to you. If you find yourself routinely bookmarking your website articles across dozens of different networks and you consider it beneficial, then consider the impact of doing the same thing for the numerous links that may be pointing to your site or its pages.

This doesn’t just apply to direct links either, but rather this can go back as far down the rabbit hole as you want it to go. You can even do this for all of your article marketing pieces, as well as every site they find their way to. Once you understand that the internet is really one big flowing link of energy, then you can start to manipulate it to benefit your cause.

2. Explore Their Ad Service — Most savvy website owners will agree that content is king, but it’s only king if people can see it. One of the best ways to get your awesome article seen by the masses, is to make use of the unique advertising options available on top social bookmarking sites, such as Digg. Paying for ad spots through AdWords and search terms can work at times, but if you have a particularly well-written article that only needs the right amount of eyes (or bookmarks) to go viral, then spend the money it costs to have your “digg story” featured on their website. If it’s any good, the impact will quickly snowball long after you’ve stopped advertising.

3. Take Advantage of WP Greet Box — WP Greet Box is an awesome plugin for WordPress that detects where a user is coming from, and allows you to create a unique greeting based upon where that is. This is particularly great because it can allow you to set up a call-to-action when users come from places like Twitter, StumbleUpon or Digg, as you can ask users to retweet, stumble or Digg your story. You can significantly increase your social bookmarks just by using this neat little plugin, so get started!

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